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Gnam Gnam Gelato Gelato CaseIn Italian, gelato means “frozen”. Gelato is a frozen dessert that originated in Italy and is known for its intense flavors, artisanal presentation and nutritional value. Considered somewhat similar to ice cream, it differs in ingredients, production, flavoring, presentation, nutrition and texture.

Gelato is a natural product that has much less air than ice cream, making it denser, more filling and more flavorful. The raw ingredients include milk (or water), sugar, and in some cases fruit. Gelato is lower in milk fat and has fewer calories than ice cream. Gelato also contains a good amount of protein, and because of the nutritional value and variety of flavors, gelato can be eaten any time, day or night.

Sorbetto is an American term for an even healthier version of gelato that is made with water instead of milk, making it fat-free and dairy-free with a fruit-based flavor. In Italy, whether made with water or milk, it is still referred to as gelato.


The Gnam Gnam Story

The creation and operation of a fine Italian Gelato shop was the long-time dream of the owner Selim Oztalay.

Selim grew up in a multi-cultural environment in Germany and enjoyed the taste of gelato throughout Europe. While ice cream flavors like Neapolitan, Rocky Road and many others were common in the United States, flavors like Stracciatella, Nocciola, Fior di Latte and Zabaione were very common in Europe. In addition, artesian dishes like Spaghetti Gelato were also part of the menu.

Gnam Gnam Gelato will bring international culinary experiences to the community and reunite palettes to European traditions with the finest quality gelato.

The Gnam Gnam Gelato Team looks forward to serving fresh gelato, made with the best ingredients, to our customers.

Gnam Gnam Gelato

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